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Call Intelligence.

Callcruncher is a powerful, intuitive and affordable Call Intelligence system.

Our innovative platform manages the call accounting, reporting, analytics, tracking, rating and recording of call data invaluable to small, medium and enterprise clients.

Callcruncher weaves your VoIP solution deeply into client decision making processes and productivity applications, facilitating client retention and new customer acquisition.

We help clients solve BIG problems:

  • Cost Management & ROI
  • Compliance Mandates
  • Network Performance
  • Contact Center Improvements
  • Employee Activity Tracking

Including: - White Labeling - Integration

  • Over 200 Available + Countless Custom Reporting Options!
  • Weaves Your VoIP Solution Deeply into Client Decision Making Processes and Productivity Applications
  • Facilitates Client Retention and New Customer Acquisition
  • Enables Users to Make Cost-Saving and Revenue Generating Decisions

Including: - Fraud Prevention - Fraud Alerting

  • Limits Financial Liability Due to Fraud
  • Customizable Parameters

Including: - Recording and Indexing Voice Communications

  • Affords Accuracy
  • Limits Liability
  • Mitigates Disputes
  • Great New Hire and Continuing Education Resource

Including: - Live Call Monitoring

  • Enables Manager to Communicate with Agent via Voice, Unbeknownst to Customer, and Assist with Sales and Service Issues
  • Promotes Competence
  • Enables Managers to Critique and Evaluate

Including: - Ability to Rate and Bill Calls

  • Accurately Rate and Bill Calls
  • Precise and Accurate
  • Affordable

Including: - Full Suite of Call Center Functionalities

  • Weaves Your VOIP Solution Deeply into Client Decision Making Process and Productivity Applications Productivicy Applications
  • Facilitates Client Retention and New Customer Acquisition
  • Enables Users to Make cost-Saving and Revenue Generating Decisions

Including: - An Innovative and Affordable Customer Relationship Management   Tool

  • Integrated
  • Enhanced and Personalized Customer Service
  • Higher Profits through Greater:
    customer acquisition
    customer retention
    cross-selling and up-selling

Including: - Faclilitating Multiple and Efficacious Sales and Service Campaigns

  • Recognizes Incoming Call Source and Provides Agent with Campaign Scripting and Additional Information
  • Facilitates More Efficient Use of Time, Enabling Agents to Capture More Clients
  • Increase Revenue and More Effectively Address Customer Service Issues

Including: - Dashboards - Wallboards

  • Information Overview Available in Real Time and At-A-Glance
  • Promotes Productivity Through Managerial Empowerment

Including: - White Labeling - Integration

  • Customizes Callcruncher Suite, Rendering it Compatible with Your Brand Identity
  • Adds Value to Your Brand
  • Integrated Service Portal with Your Company’s Name, Logos, etc.
  • Easy, Intuitive to Use, Integrated Portal Increases Profitability, Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Including: - Segment Access to Call Data

  • Allows for Segmentation of Call Data
  • Access by Department, DID Groups, Extensions, Grouping, etc.
  • Empowers through Client Generated Account and Subaccount Analytics

Including: - 800 and DID Service with Call Recording and Effective Tracking and Analysis of Marketing Call Flow

  • Promotes Profitable Sales Campaigns and Customer Service
  • Identifies Incoming Call Source and Locations

Success Story

A small VoIP service provider defeated industry heavyweights by including the advanced reporting capabilities of the Callcruncher Call Intellegence in their proposal.

The result?

A $2.5+ million per year contact that fundamentally changed the scope and capabilities of their business!

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